Monday, January 16, 2012

1st Warmachine/Hordes Tourny (or why I like gaming)

This past Saturday I participated in my first public Warmachine/Hordes event. This was billed to be a Hordes Domination event which is promote the Hordes latest expansion. However, I'm a new player to the game and at this I only have one faction, the Protectorate of Menoth. But I still wanted to go learn more about the game. In addition,  my two sons (who also play) wanted to go and my local gamer friend, Geekly , was also going. So, off to the LGS we went.

Now this post isn't going to be about lists or the battle report because for non-Warmahordes players, that would be pretty boring. But instead what I want to talk about the are the other players in the tournament.

I'm a huge proponent of gaming (cards, boardgames, RPGs, minis) for the fun and social interaction with other people. Social media, online games, etc. are causing us to spend less face time with friends and family. Gaming forces people to sit across the table from each other and interact. This is a major appeal to all gamers. 

So when we got the store, we didn't know any of the other four players there. But each one of them immediately introduced themselves and welcomed us. When it was time to start the tournament, we had to inform the tournament organizer, that we only had 15pt armies and this was scheduled to be a 35pt tournament. Instead, of saying we can't play, every other player willingly without hesitation offered to play a 15pt tournament instead. Each of them had already built their lists (armies) but didn't mind at all doing another list for 15pts. This would allow me and my sons to play. Now with everyone's lists ready to go, we drew numbers to see who would face who. The tournament would consist of three rounds with the winner being the person with the best record.

So during the three rounds, we played people that had been playing this game for years. While we had a basic foundation of the rules there were many things we had questions about. Every person was very helpful taking time during the game to explain rules, strategies and gave us all the time we needed to make our moves. I had to play the guy who ended up winning the tournament and he was very helpful during our game. After we were done (and yes, he crushed me) he gladly took another 5 minutes to explain strategies that would help me in future games. Both my sons experienced the same thing with people they played against.

Speaking of my sons, my 15 and 9 year old were welcomed and treated like any other player. They were treated with respect and also offered help during games. In addition, everyone watched their language around my 9 year old which sounds like a small thing, but it shows a level of maturity that isn't seen much anymore.

After the tournament was over, we talked about the great time we had and we learned so much about the game. 

This is a typical example of the gaming community. Gamers love to talk to other players about the games, the rules, the strategies. That creates new relationships, builds the community and helps strengthen the hobby it self.

I try to do the same thing with other games I play. I take time to teach someone the rules, be patient with their questions, and provide advice during the game. I know by doing this, they will enjoy the experience and want to play again. It's not about the winning or losing, it's about shaking your opponents hand at the end of the game and thanking them for the enjoyable experience.

Ok, ok...for those who want to know. My 15pt list as the Protectorate of Menoth Battlebox plus the Choir of Menoth and Vassel of Menoth. I was 2-1, winning against Cryx and Legion and losing to Khador. And even though I didn't play a Hordes faction, because of my record I got this cool Trollbloods token

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