Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Let me start off by saying, I'm a gamer. Since I was a kid I've played board games, card games, and video games. And all these playing all these types of games are best played with friends and family. In the 90s, when online gaming took off, I was right there with it. I remember having to tell the wife to hurry up and get off the phone (you remember dial up modems, right?) so I could play some Half-Life or Starcraft with my friends. I thought this was about the best experience you could having in multiplayer gaming. To be able to sit a home and play games with others online. I was hooked..from FPSs, to RTSs, to MMOs. I could sit down anytime I wanted at my PC or Xbox, find some friends online and engage in some 'social' gaming.

Then something happened in late 2001. I was introduced to a type of game called collectible card games (CCGs). This type of game had been in the market for about ten years, but I had never looked into it. Without going into too many details, this type of game involves buying cards, building decks and playing against other people. The particular one I got into was Lord of the Rings. I introduced it to a friend and he too was instantly hooked. Over the next couple years, we bought cards, traded cards and got together anytime we could to play. We'd play at each others houses, meet a libraries and even fast food restaurants. All of the sudden, sitting at my PC and playing games online wasn't as much fun sitting across the table from someone and playing a game in 'real life'.

The Lord of the Rings CCG is no longer published but I replaced that game with several other CCGs and more recently got into board gaming. The board games we play aren't the classic board games such as Monopoly, Risk or Sorry. Instead they are more non-mainstream board games that have been gaining popularity over the years. These game ranges in different styles such as 'european' style, resource management, strategy, and co-op. We've played many games over the years and while some have stayed in our game night rotation while others were a one and done, one thing does remain. I would still much rather sit with my family and friends and engage in this type of gaming over the online gaming that comes from the PC,  Xbox360, PS3 and even Facebook.

So that's what this site is all about. I want to provide people reviews with some games that I've played with family and friends that will provide hours of enjoyment, provide social interaction and even require a little brain power. These reviews will be tailored towards hardcore gamers, casual gamers and even children.

Real life gaming is still a great form of entertainment that can build relationships, provides hours of laughs (and frustrations), and even making us use our 'thinking games' more so than just staring at the TV or PC. While I still enjoy video games, it's no replacement for personal interaction. I am a proud father of three sons and they also enjoy video games, but I want them to appreciate what comes from sitting with other people and having a good time. I think it's too easy to replace real social interaction with online alternatives such as instant messaging, texting, online chats, etc. Sitting with friends and family around a table and holding cards or board pieces while strategizing over a game are times that you'll love and look forward to.