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Tsuro (Calliope Games) is a easy to learn strategy game that consists of nothing more than laying a lined tile down on the game board, then taking your token and following the path on the tile onto other tiles until the path ends. The goal is to keep your token on the board and while trying to cause other players token to follow a path off the board. The last token on the board wins.

Components: Game board, 36 tiles, 8 game tokens

Number of Players: 2 - 8 players

Average Game Length: 20 minutes


Tsuro is game that can be taught and played in a matter of minutes. It's very easy to understand the rules thus making it a great game for children and those who don't want to spent a lot of time learning games with 40 page rule books (like Starcraft: The Board Game). Because there are so few game pieces and games are quick, it's a good game for pulling out of the closet and playing at a moments notice. There is downtime between turns, but the pace of the game moves pretty quickly so you won't spend too much time waiting on others to make their move.

Hardcore Score: 5

This game is good in short bursts, but it's not something a hardcore gamer is going to play hours upon hours. There isn't a lot of strategy involved and your best plans can be thwarted by someone throwing down a random tile and totally messing up your path.

Wifecore Score: 7

Due to the quick setup and easy to follow rules, this is a very good casual game. In addition, my wife likes it because its a great social interaction. You don't have to spend a lot of time planning out your next move so during your downtime you can chit-chat with everyone around the table.

Kidcore Score: 9

Of all the games I've played, this is by far one of the most kid-friendly. Probably anyone ages 5 and up can play because there are so few rules, no reading is needed, and you don't have to hold many tiles in your hand. Now a 5 year old may not be able to plan their moves in advance. But it's easy to understand that your piece follows the path until it can't go any further. Highly recommended for kids.

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